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GRE, GMAT, TOEFL Look alike words

In GRE GMAT & TOEFL you may find certain look alike words. So don't get confused. Here
are few examples for you

List of GRE, GMAT, TOEFL Look alike words:

1) adulate and adulterate
2) adverse and averse
3) anachronism and anarchism
4) antipathy and apathy
5) ascetic and aesthetic
6) baleful and baneful
7) censure and censor
8) capitulate and recapitulate
9) disparate and desperate
10) divers and diverse
11) elicit and illicit
12) heterogeneous and homogeneous
13) illusion and allusion
14) imbibe and imbue
15) imminent and eminent
16) ingenious and ingenuous
17) mendicant and mendacious
18) penury and penurious
19) pestilence and petulance
20) qualitative and quantitative
21) vicious and viscious

Meaning of GRE, GMAT, TOEFL Look alike words:

1) adulate: to praise, adulterate: to make impure
2) adverse: hostile; averse: unwilling
3) anachronism: an outdated custom, anarchism: disruptive
4) antipathy: hatred, aversion, apathy: indifference
5) ascetic: self-denying, abstinent, austere aesthetic: related to beauty or art
6) baleful: forshadows evil, baneful: poisonous, deadly
7) censure: blame, criticize, censor: to remove the inappropriate
8) capitulate: to surrender, recapitulate: to repeat
9) disparate: different; diverse, desperate: needy, beyond reason
10) divers: several diverse: distinct, varied
11) elicit: to draw out, provoke illicit: illegal, improper
12) heterogeneous: diverse throughout homogeneous: the same throughout
13) illusion: something unreal deceptive allusion: indirect reference
14) imbibe: to drink imbue: to infuse, dye, wet or moisten
15) imminent: at any moment, soon eminent: famous, renowned
16) ingenious: original, clever ingenuous: straightforward, open
17) mendicant: beggar mendacious: dishonest
18) penury: extreme poverty penurious: stingy
19) pestilence: epidemic, plague petulance: irritable or ill-tempered
20) qualitative: having to do with a quality, quantitative: having to do with a number
21) vicious: mean; viscious: resistance to flow

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